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The Charter a Helicopter Sales

Charter-a Group has a team of experts that follow detailed procedures and guidelines to make sure every aircraft sale and purchase is smooth and stress free, from finding the right aircraft or client to financial and insurance advice we are the complete one shop package. Each inquiry is dealt with efficiency, secrecy, professionalism and will work to realistic timescales to suit everyone’s need.

The Charter a Group

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How we work for you

Before you buy

  • Explore your options - look at the types of fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters available, and decide what best suits your needs and budget.
  • Consider the full cost - add up all other expenses involved in buying an aircraft, for example maintenance, insurance, fuel, hangar fees and other running costs.
  • Get in touch with us - once you have decided to go ahead, contact us to discuss the types of finance available to you. We will need details of the aircraft you have in mind so we can carry out a valuation for credit underwriting purposes.
  • Negotiate strongly - we could establish a credit line, which proves to sellers that you are a serious buyer and increases your negotiating power. We will send you a letter of offer for you to sign.

Making an offer

  • Put in your offer - once you have finally chosen a particular aircraft, it's time to make your offer to the seller.
  • Arrange a survey as required - if you are buying a second-hand aircraft or helicopter, we suggest you contact an accredited surveyor and ask them to provide you with a full survey. Please satisfy yourself about your chosen surveyor's professional standing and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Proceeding with your purchase

  • Press the button - once you are happy to go ahead with the purchase, contact us to let us know. We may ask for a copy of the invoice or purchase agreement confirming the sale plus a copy of the survey if you have arranged one.
  • Await our checks - we will contact the seller and ask for details of the ownership paperwork and the invoice or proof of VAT.
  • Sign the documents - once you have been approved for finance and are happy to proceed, we will issue our mortgage documents to you for signing. We will enclose a checklist requesting copies of required certificates.
  • Let us complete the formalities - when we have received the paperwork from you and the insurance has been confirmed with our interest noted, we will lodge our interest and conduct a search with the relevant aviation authority.
  • Tell us to pay the seller - finally, we will ask for your authority to release the funds to the appropriate third party
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